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Forest Service to begin cutting trees west of Gross Reservoir
United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service
This work involves hand-thinning tree stands with chainsaws.The project will selectively target removal of lodgepole pine medium-sized ponderosa pine and Douglas-fir and conifers killed or infested with mountain pine beetle. In all treatment areas, larger healthy ponderosa pine and Douglas-fir trees will be retained. Slash material will either be hand piled or lopped and scattered to allow for future chipping or burning.
“The purpose of this project is to improve forest and watershed health and to create a more fire-adapted landscape by reducing the mixed conifer tree stand density and enhancing species that have abilities to help them survive a wildfire, such as ponderosa pine and aspen,” said Boulder District Ranger Sylvia Clark.
Contractors may move into the area within the next week. The expected operational work hours will be 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. with no operations on Sunday.
The hand-thinning portion of the Forsythe Fuels Reduction Project will occur within 642 acres of National Forest System lands west of Gross Reservoir and will take approximately eight weeks to complete. The Forythe trails and dispersed campsites will remain open, however for public safety, forest users are asked to be cautious and avoid entering areas where work is taking place due to the hazard of falling trees.
For more information contact the Boulder Ranger District at 303-541-2500 or visit the website at: