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CCTU Newsletter - July 2014 UPDATE
Bob Getz, CCTU
So sorry this happened, but it turns out construction on the way into Reynolds Landing prevents us from using it. Therefore the picnic will be August 19th.

You already missed it :-( but we went to Crystal Lake (2 miles past Leadville) Tuesday July 8th with the veterans from Project Healing Waters. We cooked them lunch and the trout were most obliging with a variety of flies hooking up. This was truly sight fishing so setting the hook was generally easy. The brown trout above I caught in the drainage creek below Crystal Lake on a Klinkhamer.

We even had a vet who had never been fishing. He caught fish and his face really lit up! A Big thanks to Jim Cowell and Richard Pilatzke for organizing the event. By the way, Nancy from Bass Pro was there and talked about plans Bass Pro has to improve their Fly Fishing department, perhaps to include a Catch and Release pond. How exciting is that!

Tuesday, JULY 15th we will have our regular monthly meeting at the South Denver Metro Denver Realtors Board office - otherwise known as our usual meeting place.

Trout Unlimited Cutthroat Chapter South Platte River Cleanup Workday: Saturday, July 12th, 2014. See the article with details below. NOTE: YOU ARE ASKED TO PRE-REGISTER so we bring enough food.

We had a number of people honk, wave, and say thanks last year as we cleaned up a couple miles along the road/river around Deckers. The fishing at Deckers right now it HOT! As the water levels drop, the fish get to feeding.

Thanks to CUSP, Jim Klug, Jim Rasmussen, and Jason Agin for organizing this event. Every year we see improvements and your efforts are making a real difference.

By the way, on our way back from Crystal Lake we saw CDOT workers planting willow bushes from pots. Looked rather expensive compared to our method of planting cuttings. The orange vests and hard hats made them look official though.

Don't wait. Mark you calendar now plan what to bring to the picnic, and invite a friend. It will be fun. Look how often we feed you. I know you are cheap labor, but you really make a difference for the fisheries.

By the way, another HUGE THANK YOU to Anglers All for loaning waders, boots, rods, and reels to the veterans.

Someone came up with a fly and called it "None of your business". Then when people would ask what are you using he would reply...

You might have seen Kirk Deeter's article in the latest issue of Trout, the magazine you receive for being a member of TU. People have a way of changing the topic when you ask about their favorite fishing spots. My neighbor is that way. 28 years we have lived across from each other and he will never tell me when, where, or anything about his fly fishing.

So I must be strange. I will show you every fly in my boxes and explain where and how I use them. I don't hide my favorite place because it is a 6 mile hike almost to tree line in RMNP. It is called Spruce Lake. I would guarantee a beginner at least 30 fish. All the same: those fish formerly known as Greenback Cutthroats.

Meanwhile, get yourself up to Crystal Lake where you park and walk less than 20 yards to sight fishing of 5 varieties of trout. They have a brand new vault toilet and Safeway is only 2 miles back to Leadville. All the luxuries of the big city!

I will redo the directions to Reynolds Landing. Turns out the Tree Farm is now becoming Breckenridge Brewery, complete with a hops farm, gardens, and fun tours. We may lose some of you before you get to Reynolds Landing. I doubt the brewery will be done yet. Maybe they will have a meeting room...

Let's Hear About the Blue River!
Bring a fishing friend to our July Meeting

John Aaron is trying hard to get us a presentation from Cutthroat Anglers in Silverthorne on the Blue River. I think you would agree this is a topic we would all love to hear. The BLUE River and GREEN Mountain Reservoir in the WHITE River National Forest. Colorful

It is not fully committed yet, but come on down. John has a true talent for finding the best speakers each month.

Doors open at 6:30PM and the meeting starts at 7pm. Start up a conversation with someone you do not know. Try this: "Hey, where is the latest place you went fishing?"

Talking the Blue River, most of you know about using Mysis Shrimp below Dillon on the River and through the Outlet Mall portion of the Blue River. Apparently the fish are smart enough to only take the Mysis when they are releasing water from the dam which is where the shrimp come from.

On the other side of the Highway is Cutthroat Anglers Shop. Nice place. The are the mavericks that endorse G. Loomis rods. Visit their shop and try one some time. Loomis is famous for providing the 1 piece competition rods for the bass guys that look like they are in NASCAR. Their rod technology is excellent.

Further downstream if you are watching you will see a Teepee on the right. This lets you know that is John Land Le Coq's property WHO? The guy who started Case Logic and then Fishpond and now Lilypond as well.

Check out their new nets. None finer. By the way, the Yampa waist pack is the image shown for this article. I own one. Many people complain that fanny packs/waist packs do not stay in place because the straps slip. I cured this by sewing on a couple strips of velcro on each side. Problem solved!

Another chance to make Colorado better
(Y)our stomping ground: Deckers

Trout Unlimited Cutthroat Chapter South Platte River Cleanup Workday: Saturday, July 12th, 2014

Project Location: Meet behind Decker's store (directions below) at 9:00 am, work until noon have lunch on CCTU, then go fishing!

Description: We will be collecting litter after the Fourth of July holiday traffic at sites along the South Platte River near Deckers. Please come help us clean up this beautiful section of the river. This day will also be a great opportunity to fish with your TU buddies. Your participation is appreciated.

Weather which could create hazardous conditions may cause projects to be canceled or rescheduled staff will monitor the weather and notify you of any changes in a timely fashion.

Please register by Thursday, July 10th by contacting Jim Rasmussen 303-663-6707 or Jim Klug 303-565-7504, TU Cutthroat Chapter. Lunch will be provided by Trout Unlimited Cutthroat Chapter, for registered participants so please let us know by July 10th.. Thank you.

Please Bring: Any applicable medications (including epipen and inhalers) Sun block Sun glasses or safety glasses Layered clothing, trash grabber, work gloves and shoes with good tread - please be prepared to get dirty! Water proof boots or waders - not everyone will need them, Water bottles water refills are provided. CUSP encourages the use of reusable containers.

Directions from Denver to Deckers: From C470 take Hwy 285 southwest to Pine Junction At Pine Junction, turn left (south) on Jefferson County Road 126 Follow Jeff CR 126 through Pine and Buffalo Creek about 25 miles to Deckers We will meet at the parking area behind Deckers store.

Directions from Highlands Ranch: Take Hwy 85 to Sedalia, turn right on Hwy 67 To Pine Creek Road Turn Right and proceed to Co Rd 97/ South Platte Rd. Turn Left and Proceed to Deckers.

CARPOOLING IS AVAILABLE Meet at the parking lot next to the railroad tracks in Sedalia, (just past Buds) between 7:15AM and 7:30AM. We will leave at 7:30 Sharp. Look for the yellow FJ Cruiser! THIS IS NOT THE USUAL PLACE TO MEET in Highlands Ranch so plan accordingly for the extra drive time.

The Clean Water Act
You Can Help

Please register by Thursday, July 10th by contacting Jim Rasmussen 303-663-6707 or Jim Klug 303-565-7504, TU Cutthroat Chapter. Lunch will be provided by Trout Unlimited Cutthroat Chapter, for registered participants so please let us know by July 10th. Thank you.