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CDOW Press Release
MONTE VISTA, Colo. --The water level at Beaver Creek Reservoir is being allowed to increase again following inspections by state engineers.

The water level had been dropped to a depth of 40 feet to allow for inspection of the dam and related structures. Although no problems were found engineers are continuing to evaluate the structures. The water level will be brought up to a depth of 60 feet, putting the reservoir level at more than 60 percent of its capacity.

The water, however, might be lowered again to accommodate further study.

Fishing is reported to be very good at the reservoir for rainbow trout and kokanee salmon. No fish will be stocked in the reservoir this summer because of the potential for fluctuating water levels. However, the 25,000 catchable fish intended for Beaver Creek Reservoir will be stocked in other reservoirs in the San Luis Valley throughout the summer.

"There will continue to be plenty of fishing opportunities in the San Luis Valley throughout the summer and the fall," said John Alves, senior aquatic biologist for the southwest region of the Colorado Division of Wildlife.