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ICE FISHING: Outdoors, low-cost gear lure anglers to lakes
Author: R. Scott Rappold The Colorado Springs Gazette URL:
ICE FISHING: Outdoors, low-cost gear lure anglers to lakes

R. Scott Rappold
The Gazette

Few landscapes in Colorado can seem as lifeless as a frozen mountain lake in the dead of winter.

It’s easy to forget, on the most brutally frigid days, when gales off the peaks howl like a harbinger of the end of days and fingers and toes go numb, that life goes on below the glassy surface.

“When it’s that cold and windy, nobody’s out there. Fish still gotta eat,” said Sam Heckman, a Colorado Springs fisherman.

A growing number of people in Colorado are venturing out into these conditions, onto the ice, to catch them.

According to the Colorado Division of Wildlife, 25 percent of the state’s anglers go ice fishing.

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Member comments
by: IceFishingFool on 2/17/2010 6:57:00 PM
Wow 25% ? Well I guess a boat is not needed to venture out on a lake :-)