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Pabst Blue Ribbon/ Schlitz Ice Fishing Tournament

Ice Fishing Colorado LLC
Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer and Schlitz are throwing a Pond Hockey and Ice Fishing Tournament in Silverthorne Colorado...Ice Fishing Colorado will be there working the Ice Fishing part of the event...

It is set for February 14th, 15th and 16th...It is primarily a Pond Hockey tournament...They decided that since they were on the ice to begin with and there was some time between games that they would put on an Ice Fishing Tourney on the side...So far it hasn't been the biggest tourney to go to so we are jumping in to help this thing grow...

What we are looking to do is rent Jigging poles and give out ( complimentary from Ice Fishing Colorado ) a soufflé cup with 10 jigs you can pick from out of our master box...We have hundreds to choose from.....We are just waiting on the Cities permission to do this...

Sign up for the Ice Fishing Tourney and get free beer...It is only $15.00 for all three days and free beer...Why wouldn't you fish this Tournament???

Go to our Tournament page for more details...

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