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North Park Ice Fishing Report, 11-22-13

Bill Willcox Lake John Resort
Another quick report on some North Park ice. The temps have been cold and the wind near still for the last 24 hrs. Got around John and all three Delaneys again this afternoon with Teacher Mike, but the fly rods were useless. The only open water on any of the lakes were small areas kept open by coots. Happened to have the ice spud along, both for safety and checking thickness. Any water that was still open on the four lakes in my last report, froze last night. That ice is smooth and clear, but not very thick — less than an inch. Most of the ice which had formed earlier in the week, today was over 2 inches. I was able — using extreme caution — to walk out several steps at a few of the boat ramps where the ice had been on for most of this week. East and South Delaney boat ramps, and the south ramp on Lake John were near fishable for someone who had a tether tied to the bumper of their truck, and was standing in an inner-tube fishing in 4 feet of water. North Delaney and the north end of John were definitely "join your local polar bear club" material at this time. Remember, the clear ice is the newest ice. If it snows, you won’t be able to tell which is where. Use common sense and don’t stand next to anyone — better yet, wait another week!

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