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North Park (Almost) Ice Fishing Report - 11-20-13
Bill Willcox Lake John Resort
I know itís been quite some time since Iíve had time to make any kind of update to our website, or even an E-mail to our good followers and fishermen. For this I can only say, ďThen letís get started ó itís about timeĒ.

I finally got away and took a ride today with Schoolteacher Mike, mostly to check conditions on a few area lakes, but we happened to have the fly rods along, just in case.

ō Lake John has a one inch soft lid over 80% of its surface. The northeast corner, at this time, is the only open water, but the existing ice will not survive much of a North Park breeze.

ō North and South Delaney are mostly open ó where, depends on which direction the wind is blowing.

ō East is mostly frozen with fragile ice surrounding a little open water down the middle.

ō Reports are that Cowdrey Lake is mostly covered with a thin surface.

Conditions are changing hour to hour, totally dependant on weather. Stay tunedÖ

P.S. And yes, the open water that Mike and I did find today on North Delaney was full of fish Ė for him!

Bill Willcox

Lake John Resort