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CPW press release
ELDORADO SPRINGS, Colo. Colorado Parks & Wildlife is pleased to announce the re-opening of two more system trails at Eldorado Canyon State Park: Fowler Trail and Eldorado Canyon Trail. These trails were closed in September due to flood damage. These system trails connect the state park to the City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks and Boulder County Parks and Open Space public land.

While nearly 75% of Eldorado Canyon State Park has re-opened, areas that will remain closed or are of particular concern include:

--The main park road will remain closed to vehicles however, visitors can hike up the road to get to the hiking trails.
-- Rattlesnake Gulch Trail remains closed.
--The Visitor Center and upper parking areas will remain closed for some time to come.

With the opening of Highway 72, Coal Creek Canyon and Flagstaff Road to Gross Dam road, access has opened to Crescent Meadows and the Walker Ranch loop.

Park resource staffs from the City, County, State and community volunteers have worked extremely hard to re-open these trails over the past two months, however, visitors should be aware they will encounter different conditions than they have experienced in the past. These changed conditions include, but are not limited to: uneven trail surfaces, rutted trails, damaged water bars and steps, falling trees due to soil moisture, unstable slopes, and loose rock.

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