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Ketring Lake to be Filled Starting November 12

Littleton press release
Ketring Lake to be Filled Starting November 12
Kelli Narde, Director of Communications, 303-795-3720
Posted Date: 11/7/2013 2:00 PM

Denver Water will begin filling Ketring Lake next week to replenish water that was lost when the area experienced drought conditions last spring. The lake is aesthetically important to the neighborhood, creates environmental benefits for wildlife, and provides opportunities for fishing. Many residents enjoy bird watching, exercising and walking their dogs around the lake.

Unlike Sterne Lake, Little’s Creek Lake, Geneva Lake, Ridgeview Lake and others in Littleton, Ketring Lake does not have a natural drainage channel to fill it. It is fed only with water from the Highline Canal. Denver Water did run Highline Canal water into Ketring Lake in September, but had to stop due to breaches downstream related to the flooding in northern Colorado.

The chlorine will be removed before water goes into the lake from a fire hydrant at the Littleton Museum. The process may take up to ten days.
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