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Cargill Cares Donates $10,000 to Pass It On Outdoor Mentors to Get Kids Outdoors

October 7, 2013, Wichita, KS -- Pass It On - Outdoor Mentors announced today that it was awarded a $10,000.00 grant from the Wichita Cargill Cares Council. This generous donation will be used to supplement Pass It On - Outdoor Mentors' efforts to give more children the opportunity to experience the great outdoors with a caring mentor. Pass It On - Outdoor Mentors works with state fish and wildlife agencies, conservation groups and youth organizations to reach out to underserved youth, giving them the chance to experience the great outdoors.

"Too many children are spending too little time outdoors," indicated Michael Christensen, President of Pass It On - Outdoor Mentors, Inc. "It is up to the outdoor community to step up and introduce these children to the great outdoors that we all know and love if we are to see our outdoor heritage passed along to the next generation. This generous donation from the Cargill Cares will help young people in the Greater Wichita Metropolitan Area develop healthy lifestyles, understand the importance of their natural environment and avoid risky behavior through participation in traditional outdoor activities and practical environmental projects with carefully screened, caring adult mentors through programs provided in partnership with local conservation groups and the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism."

"Cargill is a company with a long and rich heritage tied to agriculture, the land and nature, and we believe it is important for children to have an opportunity to experience outdoor activities and learn about, and appreciate, the importance and value of the natural environment," said Debbie Nece, Wichita Cargill Cares Council chairman. "We are pleased to be able to support such a worthy effort by an organization with the passion and commitment of Pass It On - Outdoor Mentors, Inc.

Pass It On - Outdoor Mentors has partnered with state fish and wildlife agencies, conservation organizations and youth organizations to give at-risk children outdoor opportunities they would not have had otherwise. "There are many organizations providing outdoor activities. It is imperative that we involve children who are not connected to these organizations to insure that they have the chance to experience the wonders and joys of the great outdoors that we all know and love," stated Christensen.

About Cargill Cares
The Wichita Cargill Cares Council supports charitable and civic organizations that emphasize nutrition and health, education and environmental stewardship. In Wichita, the local Council distributed more than $800,000 among scores of community organizations in 2011, with funds coming from the company's Wichita-based businesses and corporate matches. Since Cargill's 1865 founding in rural Iowa, its belief has been that the company can only be prosperous when the communities in which it operates are prosperous. Cargill also believes that investing resources in these communities, including money and employee volunteer time and expertise, enriches everyone involved.

About Pass It On - Outdoor Mentors
Pass It On - Outdoor Mentors is a Wichita, Kansas-based national organization dedicated to providing children with mentors who will share with them the experiences of traditional outdoor activities. The heart of the group's mission is to give children opportunities to connect with nature that they more than likely won't have without a mentor showing them the way. Partnering with organizations with like-minded conservation and youth participation efforts like Big Brothers Big Sisters, Pheasants Forever, the National Shooting Sports Foundation, Delta Waterfowl, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and the National Wild Turkey Federation, among others, volunteers with a passion for the outdoors can give a child the chance to go fish, hunt, or simply spend time in the fields with a caring adult. For more information about Pass It On - Outdoor Mentors, please visit
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