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Late-season trout fishing: It's good to the last drop
Mike Oatley Estes Park Trail Gazette
Late-season trout fishing: It's good to the last drop
There are still a few trout to be caught before winter shuts the fishing down
Mike Oatley Trail-Gazette

F ootball season starts, a little snow falls, the time changes and the attention of most anglers wanders on to other more comfortable endeavors. Certainly the trout, on whatever level of consciousness they reside, are grateful for the relative peace and quiet.

But the fishing season never closes in Colorado, and so the fishing never really ends. For a few months, it just revolves around a couple obvious questions: is there some open water, and how much standing in it can you take?

OK, we're not quite to that point yet. But we're getting there. There has been weather to dodge and the ice has come and gone a couple of times already. Much of the water uphill of town is done for the year unless you are carrying an ice auger.

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