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Solitude can make for great fishing
Dave Coulson, The Coloradoan
Sometimes coming in last is a good thing. You might ask: “How can being last ever be a good thing?”

Several years back, in late October, I decided to make a final trip to Parvin Lake in the Red Feather area. Sue asked that Friday evening if I was really going to fish the next day, as a major winter storm was forecast.

“Yes,” I answered, explaining that fishing is often best as a storm arrives due to the low pressure. Besides, I have good winter apparel and — if it was snowing — the air temperatures would be near freezing, so my guides wouldn’t freeze up. Further, I figured the storm would keep those who weren’t hunting at home watching college football.

I was right on all accounts. I was the only angler when I arrived at the lake, and no one else showed. The day started out overcast and cool, but not bitter. After togging up, I launched my float tube. Once on the water, things quickly changed. The storm rolled in heavy, wet snow, a strong breeze, and even a few thunder boomers.

As hoped, the fish were aggressive, and it wasn’t long before my first fish came to net and then another. Fish after fish, nice, healthy 12- to 20-inch trout kept my line tight as the snow fell. By early afternoon, the snow let up, and the air turned bitter. The bite ended and — with my guides icing — I decided to call it a day. As the water temperatures were just above freezing, I figure I was the last angler to fish Parvin that year before ice-up. Yep, sometimes being last is a good thing.