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CPW press release
Fort Collins, Colo. Colorado Parks and Wildlife will complete reclamation of the fishery at Zimmerman Lake in Larimer County in order to restock the feral brood stock of the Bear Creek strain cutthroat trout (LineageBC). New genetic research led by University of Colorado scientists and published in September of 2012 has produced several fascinating discoveries about Colorado's native cutthroat trout - including the location of the last surviving wild population of the federally protected greenback cutthroat trout.

In an effort to support CPW work, the U.S. Forest Service is putting a closure in place that includes the area surrounding Zimmerman Lake, extending to 50 feet from the high water mark. Treated areas will be posted at the 50-foot high water mark to keep the public from coming in contact with treated waters. This order will go in place Sept. 29 through Oct.3.

The usual catch and release limits will be reinstated the day of treatment. Fishing, however, will not be allowed until water testing has been completed and the lake is re-filled and stocked with trout, including extra-large brood stock early October.

Zimmerman Lake has a storied history as a brood stock lake that has aided in the recovery of federally threatened greenback cutthroat trout. It was first reclaimed in 1995 to eradicate exotic arctic grayling, which were replaced with what was believed at the time to be the genetically pure greenback cutthroat trout. In 2005, it was reclaimed a second time and restocked with the Roaring Creek/Hunter Creek strain of greenback cutthroat trout. Biologists are eager to plant Colorado's native cutthroat trout and offer anglers a special angling opportunity.

"The recent studies have brought us to the point where we can move forward on restoring this precious trout "said Ken Kehmeier, Senior Aquatic Biologist for Colorado Parks and Wildlife, "and we are honored to play a part in getting it back to its native ecosystem."

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