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Hunting and Fishing Group Backs Bill to Protect Water
Trout Unlimited Press Release.
For Immediate Release:
Date: June 9, 2009
Hunting and Fishing Group Backs Bill to Protect Water
Sportsmen for Responsible Energy Development calls on oil and gas industry
to disclose chemicals they use
WASHINGTON – Sportsmen applauded legislation introduced today to regulate a
controversial energy industry drilling practice suspected of contaminating ground water.
The bill, sponsored by Reps. Diana DeGette, D-Colo. and Maurice Hinchey, D-N.Y.,
would require the energy industry to reveal the chemical contents of hydraulic fracturing,
or “fracking,” fluids used to fill fissures in rock formations and force oil or natural gas
from wells.
The legislation would end energy industry exemptions under the federal Safe Drinking
Water Act and help protect drinking water – on the surface and underground – that
humans and wildlife depend on.
“If they won’t tell us what chemicals they’re putting in our water, it makes you wonder if
they have something to hide,” said Brad Powell, energy policy director for Trout
Unlimited. Trout Unlimited is a partner in Sportsmen for Responsible Energy
Development with the National Wildlife Federation, the Theodore Roosevelt
Conservation Partnership and scores of other organizations, businesses and individual
hunters and anglers nationwide.
“We’re already seeing the impacts on people from tainted groundwater in the gas fields
of Colorado and Wyoming,” Powell said. “There’s no telling how the industry’s
chemicals are affecting our fish and game populations.
“The Safe Drinking Water Act is one of our country’s bedrock environmental laws and it
was enacted to protect one of our fundamental natural resources,” Powell said.
“Requiring the energy industry to meet the same water-quality standards as other
businesses isn’t asking too much.”
# # #
Contact: Brad Powell, Trout Unlimited, 928-300-5451,
Sportsmen for Responsible Energy Development is a coalition – led by Trout Unlimited,
the National Wildlife Federation and the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership –
dedicated to protecting irreplaceable habitat so future generations can hunt and fish on
public lands.