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North Park Ice Fishing Report 4/5/09
Bill Wilcox Lake John Resort
Old Man Winter hasn't thrown the off switch on ice fishing quite yet. The high country across the state as well as here in North Park has had some fairly serious snow and cold over the past week and a half, with Saturday night's temperatures below zero here at the Resort, but this coming week's weather report sounds a least slightly better. Each time the ice covering Lake John nearly reaches the point of distrust, a cold spell firms things up and we head out to drill a few more holes. At this time there is no open water on Lake John with ice thickness 8 - 10 inches.

The Delaney Lakes do have some fishable open water, however if you're an early riser after a cold night, you may find ice covering your fishing hole. Wind continues to eat away the edges, and right now is the friend to anyone looking to wet a line with a long pole. Ice is not as thick as it is at Lake John so use caution if attempting to ice fish. This last snow is going to make slop of roads around area lakes.

Although we didn't get over to fish the hard water at the Delaneys, the fish continue to stretch lines on Lake John. "Schoolteacher Mike" didn't make it up last week so Gary and I made a real quick trip between storms. We only managed to land one nice fish in a very short time, however the guy next to us, Chuck Nawyn, a frequent visitor from WyColo, took three good 'bows up to 4 pounds. The fish are actually hitting a variety of stuff with the constant being shallow water.

Several inches of snow is now covering all existing ice. This will form an insulation barrier making conditions very slushy as soon as we get some sun and warmer temps. The ice fishing season may be down to a few days or a week or two, all depending on the weather. Use caution and common sense.