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Ice Fishing Report 3/08/09
Lake John Resort Bill Wilcox
I know that Spring is just around the corner when I receive more calls each day asking if there is any open water instead of how the ice fishing is. Whenever warmer weather begins to set in on the Front Range, sportsmen pull out their boats and long rods and seem to lose the concept that Winter is a long time leaving 3000 feet higher. Even though the calendar may say Spring actually begins next week, and we have had a few beautiful, warmer days, the ice fishing scene hasn't changed much. The ice on Lake John is still 20 inches thick with the Delaneys just slightly less, and at present, fishermen are still driving out. Driving out is not necessary however because most all fishing is being done close to shore in 10 feet of water or less. With the exception of a few places like the dog-leg around the northeast side of South Delaney, the short driveway down to the south boat ramp and the road along the eastern shore of John, secondary roads are open providing easy access.

As March heats up, so is the fishing. I have more time to fish in March and early April than at any other time of year, and it just so happens to be when catching is at it's best. Last week I got out 4 days in a row with good friends "Schoolteacher" Mike and local angler Gary Arnold. You may recall that Gary's picture appeared in this report last week with an eight and a quarter pound rainbow he landed from Lake John.
Well, try as we might, none of us could top that 8 plus pounder, however we did combine for at least 5 fish in the 4 days that were between 7 and 8 pounds, all from Lake John. Mike led the charge beginning Tuesday, catching and releasing at least 10 fish in every size category, including a 7 and a 7 and three quarter pounder. Just for a change of scenery, Wednesday found us at East Delaney where the three of us joined together for a 30 fish day, all Rainbows, ranging from 10 - 20 inches. Gary couldn't join Mike and I on L. J. Thursday when we fished for only a couple hours in blizzard conditions. Only 3 more fish were added to memory, however one of those for each of us exceeded 7 pounds. Our trio got together once more on Friday at John where among other fish for all of us, I released a 7 pound "Bow, Gary a 6 pound plus pure Cutthroat, and Mike, not to be outdone, unhooked several big fish he didn't even want to pull from the water to weigh. All in all, possibly the best week ice fishing ever for any of us! It will sure be fun to try'un

Also this past weekend, a couple of the "Carhartt" boys, John and Doug, fished South and East Delaney along with Seymour Res. They told me the bite was great on all. John said that although the fish at Seymour weren't huge, the fast action they got using tube jigs and Kastmasters made for a great time. Similar reports were the norm last week as long as fishermen went small and shallow, especially on Lake John. The great fishing that we had was not rocket science. We fished several areas on both ends of Lake John where the only key was depth, a light line, small offerings and concentration. Keep a subtle jigging motion, pay attention and don't put your rod down. Gary called me after he fished Cowdrey Lake on Sunday where he had several bites and landed 2 fish in a short time. The wind and blowing snow made it difficult, especially with light rigs, however a better day weather-wise should surely produce more fun and action.