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North Park Ice Fishing Report 12/30/12
Bill Willcox Lake John Resort
Earlier this week the name of the game was snow. A handful of different storms blew through, each leaving quite a few inches of build-up behind. However the weekend recovered nicely, and ice fishermen were treated to numerous days of clear, calm, albeit cold conditions. Several nights fell into the double digit minus figures, giving area lake surfaces a little kick in ice thickness. As I write this on Sunday afternoon the 30th, the only motorized tracks, atop Lake John at least, are from ATV’s and snowmobiles — no one wants to be first with anything larger. No problems, since reports are running 6 – 8 inches of hard water, covered with 2 – 4 inches of the white stuff. All three Delaney Lakes have similar conditions. Cowdrey is reported to have a little thicker ice than the others, although common sense and ice fishing should always be linked.

I just now took a breather from writing, to attend to customers who were also taking a break, and buying some items from the store to snack on while fishing Lake John. They were also here yesterday so I knew they were having fairly good success. A couple of the guys had their 7-year-old sons with them, and when I asked how the action was today, they were nothing but smiles. They informed me that in the last 4 hours, the young boys alone had caught and released 25 – 30 fish each. Now that is good action. White has been the color that keeps coming up, being used in tube jigs such as Squirmin’ Squirts and Minnow Tubes. 1 and one half and 2 inch sizes are working best, although I have heard some good things on offerings up to 3 inches. Teaser Tails and marabou jigs are effective as well with most fishermen tipping items with meat. Although not required, a piece of crawler or meal worm offers enhancement the trout are finding hard to resist. The location you choose to fish on John doesn’t seem to matter much, and water depth of 8 to 15 feet is most popular. However if you’re not catching fish – move. Sorry, no fresh information on the Delaney Butte Lakes.

Reports relate Cowdrey Lake putting out some good numbers of smaller fish, and though I’m certain some real dandies are available, I haven’t heard of one being landed. With the fishing contest coming up in 2 weeks, this will become a strategic issue, that is which lake to spend most of your time on. Speaking of the ice fishing contest, tune-in to this article next week when I’ll do my best to convey the tips, twists, and tricks that may help you to win the mega-bucks in the upcoming Lake John / Cowdrey Lake Ice Fishing Contest, January 12 and 13, 2013. Now, I’m not saying that I’m that good of an ice fisherman. What I am saying, is that you contestants are real lucky that I have to work that weekend - who else would give out all that money to the winners!