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North Park Ice/Fishing Report
Bill Willcox Lake John Resort
During the last week I think I changed the message on my answering machine about lake and ice conditions 4 times. I didn’t bother to update the website because things were changing daily. You couldn’t fish open water very well, and you definitely didn’t dare try to ice fish. Either Lake John was completely open and typhoon windy, or had heavy skim ice - like Tuesday and Wednesday - not near strong enough to walk on. Blizzard conditions on Saturday dumped 3-4 inches of snow, although white caps kept the lake from freezing. However, this past Saturday night, temperatures dipped into the single digits, as did the wind speeds, which allowed the best lid of the season – thus far – to form. And, we think the Delaney Buttes are about the same. As I write this late Sunday afternoon, the 9th, we are still making good ice, still in single digit temps, and only have a very light breeze blowing. Maybe, just maybe, the ice is here to stay and we can get this ice fishing season started. I’ll keep ya’ posted.
Member comments
by: hunter creek on 12/15/2012 4:27:00 PM
I really appreciate your updates. I hope to get up to John before the new year begins as I'm guessing the fishing will be very good.