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North Park Fishing Conditions Update 11/25/12
Bill Willcox Lake John Resort
The Tweener Season is upon us! This has been a very tough year trying to guess when the hard water season is going to start. In many a Fall, we go from open water to ice fishing in just a few days, certainly within a week, using the Thanksgiving Holiday as the benchmark. This season, the ice has been at least partially here, and gone again, for nearly 2 weeks. Itís Sunday the 25th as I write this. This morning Lake John was mostly covered with ice, although now, in the late afternoon it is close to totally open due to wind. I took a ride over to the Delaneys this morning and they were all in about the same condition as John. Several parties were fishing along the west and north shore of the North Lake from waders and float tubes, while the ice flows consumed the southern and eastern parts of the lake. Although no one was fishing either South or East Delaney, the same situation occurs. All docks have been removed, leaving boats as a bad idea. At least a good portion of fishable open water currently exists on all these lakes, and the catching is excellent. Although it may not be in the area you actually want to fish, and changing constantly with the wind ó and it may be wide open or iced over totally tomorrow. You just have to take your chances if you want to fish open water. Any of the ice on area lake surfaces at present is not safe. That will change soon, and Iíll keep you posted either through this report or through my website at I truly hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, but didnít eat too much Ė that ice is going to start out pretty thin!

Bill Willcox
Lake John Resort