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North Park Fishing Report 9/23/12
Bill Willcox Lake John Resort
I know itís been a while since Iíve given any updates on the Lake John fishing scene. Almost always when this happens, allowing a few weeks to pass without a report, itís not because I forgot and my C.R.S. disease is taking over, but on account not much has changed and the previous article is still mostly accurate. However, lately weíve had some subtle changes.

Although warmer temperatures are still hugging the Front Range, the North Park area has been experiencing its normal climate variance for this time of year. Seeing your breath and scraping your windshield are now normal morning occurrances. No snow yet, and daytime temps are still very pleasant, but donít forget to fill up the propane if spending the night. Unlike a few of the other lakes, Lake Johnís water level is within a foot of the full mark and continuing to rise. Water temp in John is currently below 60 degrees and crystal clear, and with the shorter daylight hours and cooler nights, weeds are beginning to recede.

The actual catching of fish here on LJ has been consistently good throughout the summer and now into the fall. The landing of big brood fish planted a year ago has been less frequent, but the action on 12 to 16 inch Rainbows and Cutts is great. To make things even more appealing, the fish donít care about your manner of angling ó theyíre being cooperative with everyone.

Earlier, I mentioned that the water level in John was good and improving daily, however, that isnít the case all over. South and East Delaney Butte Lakes, despite receiving a little water recently, are significantly low, although fishing quite well. North Delaney has good water and a decent bite, however, the parking areas around North are packed and resemble a Broncos tailgate party, of course coinciding with the beginning of the Brown Trout spawn. If fishing the Dís, be sure to familiarize yourself with all rules, regs, and area closures posted both in the Regulations and around the lakes. Iíve also been informed that both Seymour and Slackweiss Reservoirs have very low water levels, but havenít received any information about Cowdrey Lake lately.

Bill Willcox

Lake John Resort