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Lake John Ice Fishing Report Week of 12/14/08
Lake John Resort
Bill Willcox of Lake John Resort reports the the ice on area lakes is growing quickly due to winter coming home to the high country. Many fishermen reported 6-7 inches over the past weekend, however not all surfaces are consistent. Be sure to check the particular area that you intend to fish. We fished several places on Lake John last week with each being 5-6 inches thick, but with these colder temperatures, it wouldn't shock me to see some ATVs or snowmobiles on lake hard tops by this weekend.

"Schoolteacher" Mike and I, along with a friend of Mike's, fished a day on Lake John this past week. When you compare the catching to the previous two weeks, I could honestly say we only had fair results.
Staying mobile, we landed a half dozen fish, most 16-18 inches, and had several other fish on in 8 to 12 feet of water. But maybe our timing and locations were off a little because another friend caught and
released a couple dozen the same day. The fish that we took were on a variety of offerings: nymphs, small white maribou jigs tipped with a wax worm, and Kastmasters. However when asked, my other friend
explained that he had stuck with using Squirmin' Squirts, a type of tube jig, all day in white and root beer colors, not tipping them with anything. Several other customers that stopped by over the weekend
seemed to be pleased with their results with most everyone landing at least a few fish.

A few of the "Carhartt Boys", good friends and excellent fishermen, spent time at the Delaneys over the weekend. On Saturday at North Delaney, their no-quit attitude led to one 7 pound, 25 inch rainbow
with "a few smaller fish mixed in"- duh! East lake on Sunday proved much better for "the boys" on quantities but with "only 2 fish breaking the 20 inch mark" - double duh! All three Delaney Lakes are "Flies and Lures Only" and baits of any kind are strictly prohibited. Large tube and maribou jigs, along with Kastmasters, Swedish Pimples, and crawdad imitations, did the trick in fairly shallow water.

With the recent cold weather, area lakes are beginning to firm up nicely. The Christmas break is just around the corner and many sportsmen are looking forward to some time off. Usually by the end of
the year, at least a few people are beginning to drive their expensive transportation onto the ice. Hard water formed about a week later than average this year so anyone planning a get-away over the holidays should err on the side of caution. Or follow my best advice - never be the first!