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Eleven Mile and Spinney Closed to Boating 11/26/08
Colorado State Parks News Release
Eleven Mile State Park and Spinney Mountain State Park closed the
reservoirs to boating Wednesday due to freezing brought on by winter
cold snap.

At Eleven Mile, the shore line is still open for angling and
the rainbow trout fishing is still good, said senior ranger J.W. Wilder.
Ice thickness varies widely on the reservoir, which is typical early in
the winter. Visitors are reminded that thin ice makes for extremely
hazardous conditions and ice fishermen should wait for a solid layer of
ice before venturing out on the reservoir. The ice conditions will be
reported on the park website's condition page,

"We highly recommend that fishermen drill test holes to
determine the ice depth. It's a good idea to wait until there is at
least five or six inches of solid, clear ice before you venture out onto
the ice," said Wilder. "When on the ice, it's also a good idea to have a
buddy with you, a fifty-foot length of rope and to wear a life jacket."

Park Ranger Mark Young said ice fishing for rainbow trout at
Eleven Mile should be good because of relatively stable water levels and
aggressive stocking by the Colorado Division of Wildlife.

"We look forward to a great winter ice fishing season and
the 11-Mile Marina will be sponsoring ice fishing tournaments in
January, February and March," said Young. Eleven Mile State Park will
remain open throughout the year, offering great winter camping.

At Spinney Mountain, the shore line also remains open for
fishing and anglers are welcome, said Wilder.

"Once we ice over, we will close the park for the season,
due to the reservoir's fluctuating water levels that create very
unstable ice conditions," said Wilder. Colorado State Parks and the City
of Aurora close Spinney Mountain State Park each fall when ice covers
the reservoir.

The Gold Medal fishery on the South Platte between Spinney and Eleven
Mile has yet to freeze over, so late season anglers can still get in a
few outings on their 2008 fishing licenses.