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Horsetooth and Carter marina boat slip lottery completed

Larimer County Department of Natural Resources
Larimer County Department of Natural Resources (LCDNR) has completed its first-ever marina slip and mooring lottery at Carter Lake and Inlet Bay Marina at Horsetooth Reservoir.

The county launched the randomized lottery in March to ensure an open process for rental selection of available boat slips at the popular reservoirs.

A total of 17 people were selected as winners. Fourteen for Carter Lake ( [log in for link] ) (out of 100 applicants) and three for Horsetooth Reservoir ( [log in for link] ) (out of 274 applicants). The majority of winners or 82% (14 out of 17) were Larimer County residents. LCDNR selected winners through a random number generator in late April. Both marinas are now in the process of vetting selected entries for contracts.

The inventory of available slips for this lottery was determined by the remaining spaces available after returning customers in good standing were given first right of refusal.

Being chosen in the lottery guarantees boaters a chance to be interviewed and vetted for a rental contract based on factors such as good standing with the marina and their boat size matching available slips or moorings for rent. Being chosen in the lottery does not guarantee boaters a slip or mooring.

LCDNR will keep the entries of those who were not chosen in the 2024 lottery and notify them if more spots open later in the season. Lottery submissions will not be carried over year over year. For 2025, the marina slip lottery will be open January through February with entries chosen in March for the summer season.

More information is available at LCDNR's web site: [log in for link]

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