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CPW warns of life-threatening ice conditions at Eleven Mile State Park

Colorado Parks and Wildlife
Colorado Parks and Wildlife is warning anglers of life-threatening ice conditions at Eleven Mile State Park.

The reservoir is experiencing unprecedented, dangerous pressure ridges. Park rangers estimate the most unstable ice conditions are by Witcher's Cove and Coyote Ridge. Several people have fallen through the ice with no reported injuries.

The pressure ridges are caused by ice sheets colliding like tectonic plates, driven by winds and temperature changes. The part of the ridge which remains above the surface after the collision is the "keel." The reservoir keels have been thin, and depth is harder to detect from the surface.

The pressure ridges will be stable in the cool, early morning hours however the ridges will break as the day warms up, causing the surface to become unstable.

Ice anglers are at particular risk. If anglers choose to fish in huts, at least two anglers in a hut is recommended.

"Anglers should go out in pairs for safety," said Eleven Mile State Park Manager Darcy Mount. "If you're alone in a hut, our rescuers can't see inside and you'll have to self-rescue. These conditions are very dangerous."

Conditions change rapidly, but anglers can call the Eleven Mile State Park Office for a current ice and marina fishing report. The park's website and Facebook page are also updated frequently.

More ice fishing safety tips can be found on the CPW website, as well as the recommended items for a safety kit.
Member comments
by: The Cat001 on 1/13/2023 5:32:00 PM
I'm glad CPW put this notice out and that the notice was reposted here. I love Eleven Mile but this is to much of a risk for me to take.
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