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To protect public from electrocution, CPW orders power cut to North Shore Marina at Lake Pueblo

Colorado Parks and Wildlife
Electrical service at the North Shore Marina at Lake Pueblo State Park is dangerously out of compliance with the National Electrical Code, which governs electrical wiring standards nationwide, according to a preliminary report by an independent electrician hired to review the marina's wiring system.

The news prompted Colorado Parks and Wildlife on Wednesday to order power immediately turned off to the marina.

"We recognize this is a huge inconvenience for the vendor and the customers of the North Shore Marina, but we can't risk anyone being electrocuted," said Joe Stadterman, Lake Pueblo park manager.

"The electrician alerted us that there is an imminent threat of electrocution to boat owners, their guests and park visitors in the water near the marina due to the lack of Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter protection on some of the marina's electrical circuits."

Cutting power not only impacts the fueling station, bathrooms, wastewater systems and marina store, it affects the 700 or so boats stored in slips rented from the private vendor who operates the marina on a contract with CPW.

Ground fault circuit interrupter outlets are required anywhere electric outlets are in close proximity to a water source as in a kitchen or bathroom. The interrupters immediately disconnect power, for example, to a hair dryer that gets dropped in a bathtub full of water, preventing severe electric shock or death by electrocution.

The interrupters are also required in marinas to protect against the mixing of electricity on boats connected to a marina or dock power supply with water in a lake. They protect people swimming nearby, for example, from Electric Shock Drowning.

"There are a number of boats that connect to the marina's power supply while docked," Stadterman said. "Before the review by the electrician, we were unaware of the lack of circuit interrupters in the electric circuits at the marina. Now that we know, we must act in the interest of protecting human health and safety.

"We urge all boat owners to immediately contact the vendor to get more information about the status of their boats."
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