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CPW to conduct third Aquatic Nuisance Species Check Station at Loma Port of Entry on Sept. 5

Colorado Parks and Wildlife
Colorado Parks and Wildlife will conduct its third pilot Aquatic Nuisance Species (ANS) Check Station at the Loma Port of Entry on Monday, September 5. The purpose of this check station is to stop any vessel with the potential to transport invasive plants and animals from entering the state's waters in order to mitigate negative impacts to natural resources and outdoor recreation. Inspecting watercraft at ports of entry will help ensure Colorado's lakes and reservoirs remain free of these highly destructive aquatic nuisance species
"With our third mandatory inspection occurring on labor day we are expecting to be busy throughout the day." said CPW Invasive Species Program Manager Robert Walters. "We want to assure the public we will do our best to get everyone checked efficiently, and thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation."
CPW encourages boaters to plan ahead and add additional time when creating their travel plans Monday. To help expedite the inspection process and minimize impacts to their travel, boaters are encouraged to do the following:
- Minimize the amount of gear and equipment stored in your vessel during transport.
- Be prepared to remove any and all covers on the vessel to allow for inspection.
- Clean, drain, and dry vessels prior to arrival at the station. Watercraft found to have mud, plants, water or mussels during inspection will be subject to decontamination.
Watercraft inspectors inspected 42 vessels at the July 23 ANS Check Station 28 of those were motorized. During the check, five of the 28 motorized boats were found to have quagga mussel shells. The mussels were collected, and the vessels were sent to the decontamination station.
"Two of the motorized vessels found to have quagga mussels were personal watercraft," said Robert. "It's a good reminder that any vessel is susceptible to transporting ANS."
Aquatic Nuisance Species are non-native plants, animals, and pathogens that cause problems for natural resources and the human use of those resources, often resulting in social and economic harm. In 2021, Colorado Legislature passed House Bill 21-1226 which authorized Colorado Parks and Wildlife to implement a pilot roadside watercraft inspection and decontamination program on select dates during the 2022 and 2023 boating seasons.
Colorado Parks and Wildlife reminds boaters that boat inspections for aquatic nuisance species are mandatory in Colorado. Any motorboat and sailboat entering Colorado waters must have an ANS Stamp prior to launching. To learn more or purchase an ANS Stamp, visit the CPW website.
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