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St. Vrain State Parks opens trail connection to link into local communities, Colorado Front Range Trail
St. Vrain State Park opened its trail connection going underneath I-25 and linking up with its Pelican Trail, which will eventually tie the park into the local communities and the Colorado Front Range Trail.

The vision of the Colorado Front Range Trail is to create a multi-purpose trail from Wyoming to New Mexico, along the Front Range of Colorado. St. Vrain State Park, located between Denver and Fort Collins, is tying into that and its surrounding communities with the connection on the northeast side of the park along I-25.

“It’s been a project we have been working on for about five years now and today is kind of an exciting day,” Park Manager Ben Pedrett said Wednesday when the pathway under the interstate opened. “The big picture is the Colorado Front Range Trail, which will connect the Firestone trail system to the St. Vrain greenway system that is in Longmont.”

Funding for the connection work came from the Colorado State Trails Program.

This first phase will also run along to the west, using the Pelican Trail, other existing trails in the park and will eventually exit out towards Highway 119. There it will go underneath the highway to connect into the St. Vrain trail system.

“It will be a multiple use trail, so it will be really great to connect into the communities,” Pedrett said. “This is the first time we’ve had an external trail system that we are connecting to.”

St. Vrain State Park has roughly 6.5 miles of trails inside the park, and the Pelican Trail is its most popular. It eventually will be paved for about 1.5 miles, going from I-25 to Highway 119, making the connection in St. Vrain State Park to the communities of Firestone, Frederick and Dacono to the east and into Longmont to the west.

“St. Vrain is a very popular fishing destination, very accessible family-friendly place,” Pedrett said of the park located at I-25 and Highway 119. “We have 11 ponds in the park that are fully accessible to fishing. It is a very popular camping destination as well and then bird watching and trail use is in the next wave of popular activities.”

Watch Video showcasing the trail connection at St. Vrain State Park:

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