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Chatfield Construction Activities Update Part 2
Chatfield Reservoir Mitigation Company
From an email newsletter sent by the Chatfield Reservoir Mitigation Company Team April 2, 2020:

Continued from previous article (

CSFS will continue to evaluate and mark trees around the reservoir post-inundation. Trees were marked with blue paint, pink flags, or aluminum tags. Trees marked with blue paint were removed. Trees marked with pink flagging indicate areas that have been or will be evaluated by the CSFS team. Trees marked with aluminum tags are anticipated to be monitored over time under the objectives of the Adaptive Tree Management Plan. CRMC is responsible for engaging qualified experts to evaluate the viability and health of those trees in the future.

What are the stakes and PVC pipes along Plum Creek and South Platte River for and will they be removed?
Environmental mitigation occurred along both the Plum Creek and South Platte River corridors. About 54,000 native shrubs and trees were planted along Plum Creek and almost 35,000 native shrubs and trees were planted in the South Platte River corridor. The stakes indicate different planting groups identified by the paint color on the end of the stake. These were used by the contractor to identify where to plant certain shrub species. If you encounter any stakes, CRMC asks that you allow them to remain where they are. The PVC pipes are used to water the installed shrubs down to the root, as the shrubs and trees were deep planted in order to access the water table. Watering will continue in the South Platte area throughout late spring, summer, and fall. CRMC is working with the contractor to remove stakes and PVC pipes once environmental mitigation establishment criteria is met.