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Emergency Barriers Being Built on Select Colorado Dams
Bureau of Reclamation
The Bureau of Reclamation would like to provide the public with updates on the construction of emergency barriers adjacent to Reclamation dams within Larimer, Lake, and Summit counties.

Three barriers are being installed at Carter Lake Dam, two barriers at Green Mountain Dam, two barriers at Sugar Loaf Dam, and one barrier at one end of Mount Elbert Forebay Dam, with a circle of passive barriers (large blocks or boulders) at the other end of the dam. All subject dams, except for Mt. Elbert Forebay Dam, have county roads across them.

“These barriers are being installed to provide respective County Sheriff’s Offices a means to temporarily close county roads across dams to reduce potential security risk should the need ever arise,” said Eastern Colorado Acting Area Manager, Monica Griffitt.

All barriers located on county roads will be locked in the “open” position. In the unlikely event any of these barriers were ever closed, the nearby reservoir would be completely full, and a credible threat would have been received.

“There is currently no information indicating any dams are at risk,” said Griffitt.

Only the respective County Sheriff’s Office (not Reclamation) has the authority and ability to close any of the barriers. If closed, the barriers would be staffed to allow residents and inspected vehicles to pass.

Installation has already begun at Carter Lake. Installation at Green Mountain Dam is expected to begin in early Fall 2019, followed by Mount Elbert Forebay Dam and Sugarloaf Dam. Complete installation of all barriers is expected to be completed no later than December 7, 2019.

For more information, please contact James Bishop, Eastern Colorado Area Office, by phone or e-mail: (970) 461-5426, or