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Public access to Valco Ponds to expand
Originally published on Author: Caiti Blase
Colorado Parks and Wildlife plans to open more of the Valco Ponds area at Lake Pueblo State Park.

The goal: to allow for more fishing and possibly water sports to the public.

On Thursday night an open house was held to get input from people on these plans. While some are excited about the potential for canoeing, kayaking, and more areas to fish there's also some concerns for those who live nearby.

"I would prefer to just have my privacy and had everything like it always has been," said Tami McDowell. She lives near the Valco Ponds, more specifically, above Pond #5 which is an area that currently isn't open to the public.

Joe Stadterman, operations manager for Lake Pueblo State Park, said, "There's three and a half open now and they're primarily used for fishing...what we're talking about here is opening the rest of Pond #4 and then also Pond #5."

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