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Love moose? Then come to the 10th Annual Grand Mesa Moose Day celebration, July 27
CPW News Release
GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - How big are they? How fast can they run? Where do they live? How did they get here? What do they eat? If you have questions about Colorado's most charismatic animal, come up to the top of the Grand Mesa for the 10th Annual Grand Mesa Moose Day. The free event will take place at the United States Forest Service Visitor Center, located a few miles east of Grand Junction, July 27, 10-3 p.m.

Almost every day, moose make headlines across Colorado. Videos and photographs of moose walking through town, on popular hiking trails or ski slopes are numerous and recorded almost daily. The lumbering beasts are one of Colorado Parks and Wildlife's most successful management projects and along with a growing population, the public's curiosity about the largest member of the deer family is growing as well.

"They are fascinating animals and it's great they are doing well in Colorado," said CPW's Northwest Region Watchable Wildlife Coordinator Trina Romero. "Our management efforts have led to one of the healthiest moose populations in the country and we are very proud of that. This is a great opportunity for everyone to learn more about how moose are doing in Colorado."

Grand Mesa Moose Day features various kid-friendly activities, including arts and crafts activities and prize giveaways throughout the day. Kids can earn a prize for going on a hike with a wildlife officer to look for signs of moose activity. Throughout the day, experts will present moose biology and history presentations and demonstrate how biologists transplant and track moose.

"One fantastic feature this year is the screening of a wonderful documentary by filmmaker Sean Ender," said Romero. "He put together a beautiful film about moose in Colorado, their history and CPW's involvement in their management. We invite folks to come up, meet Sean and see his fascinating film."

Additional activities include a fishing pole casting lesson taught by Cabela’s staff. Romero adds that several popular fishing holes on the Grand Mesa provide an opportunity to see moose.

"Most people see moose by accident while hiking, fishing or camping," said Romero. "If you suddenly see one, be sure to keep your distance. If you are searching for moose, be prepared with a camera, binoculars or a viewing scope. Perhaps the most important thing to remember is to keep dogs on a leash and far away from moose."

CPW reminds the public that moose do not fear humans and instinctively react to a curious dog as if it was a predator and will attack it aggressively. Several people have been seriously injured by moose in Colorado over the past several years. The vast majority of the conflicts were precipitated by a barking dog that got too close.

CPW's Grand Mesa Moose Day partners include USFS, The Moose 92.3, Bass Pro/Cabela's and the Grand Mesa Scenic & Historic Byway.

To get there, take Highway 65 from Interstate 70 by Plateau Creek, Exit 49, or drive up Highway 50 from nearby Delta and follow it up to the USFS Visitor's Center.

Anyone heading to the event is reminded to be attentive as it is increasingly likely to catch a glimpse of a moose.

Who: Colorado Parks and Wildlife, USFS, Moose 92.3, Bass Pro/Cabela’s, and the Grand Mesa Scenic & Historic Byway
What: Grand Mesa Moose Day
When: Saturday, July 27, 10 a.m.- 3 p.m.
Where: USFS Visitor Center - 20090 Baron Lake Drive, Hwy 65 - Top of the Grand Mesa

Contact: Trina Romero at 970-255-6191
Member comments
by: RogBow on 7/19/2019 6:22:00 PM
Enjoy them before the wolves do.