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Construction at Kingfisher Point Natural Area
City of Fort Collins
Restoration projects are one example of how residents and the Natural Areas Department conserve and care for natural areas now and for future generations. The restoration project at Kingfisher Point will connect a stretch of the Cache la Poudre River to its floodplain and improve habitat.

Visitors to the Poudre Trail might see heavy equipment and construction, but no trail closures are necessary.

The Cache la Poudre River ecosystem relies on high water in the spring, so by lowering steep river banks, the flows can nourish the surrounding corridor and bring in native cottonwood seeds. With the natural process restored, about eight acres of new native cottonwood forest are expected to be established. Additionally, non-native trees will be removed and replaced with natives providing habitat for wildlife. Work in the river channel aims to improve fish and aquatic insect habitat.