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Greenback Recovery: Brook Trout Study in Poudre Headwaters Aug 27-31
The goal for the week will be to collect and PIT tag 500-1000 fish. This will be done to test the effectiveness of the downstream waterfall barrier for this project. Antennas capable of detecting these PIT tags will be installed above the waterfall and if they detect tags we know if and where the waterfall will need to be modified to make it a complete barrier to fish passage.
We will need additional people to assist with electrofishing to collect the fish (primarilynetting fish as they are stunned), tagging the fish (writing data, loading tag injectors), transporting fish from the electrofishing crews to the tag station and from the tag station to below the waterfall and if we have all of that covered and have extra people we will send some to fly fish to catch additional fish.
The site that we will be working at is in the vicinity of the junction with La Poudre Pass Creek and the Big South Fork of the Cache la Poudre River. It is about a 1.5 mile hike with an elevation loss of about 250 feet to the site from the Corral Creek Trailhead located on the Long Draw Road. You can learn more about the project here.

Rocky Mountain Flycasters and Phil Wright will be coordinating volunteers for this project with the official sign up below.
If you have any questions you can contact Chris Kennedy (, 720-635-4578) directly (although he will be in the backcountry August 20-23) or Phil Wright Wright (, 970-219-8800). You can check out all of our upcoming volunteer projects here.
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