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Moonlight walks, art hikes, elk talks highlight a full slate of activities for visitors to Mueller State Park in August
CPW News Release
Walk in the moonlight, sketch nature's beauty on a hike and more at Mueller in August

By Linda Groat

Program Coordinator

DIVIDE, Colo. – We’ll go walking in the moonlight in August. We’ll try to capture the beauty of nature in our sketchbooks. And we’ll await the coming of fall and elk in programs featured this month at Mueller State Park.

In fact, there’s an adventure for everyone in August at Mueller as we feature public programs focusing on wildlife like owls and mountain lions.

As always, visitors can join our programs that expose you to fly fishing, archery, geocaching or birdwatching.

We’ll lead guests on a guided hike to see beautiful vistas, historic sites, cool forests and lush meadows. Learn about the moon on a night hike. Be entertained with music and history of harmonicas.

Children’s programs are designed to catch their curiosity and energy. So much diversity of fun waiting for you.

Here’s the full list of our programs this month:

Wednesday, Aug. 1

Hike: Stoner Mill
9:30 a.m. Meet at the School Pond Trailhead
Naturalist Cassie will lead you on this 2-mile hike to Stoner Mill. Along the trail, you will see bear scratch marks on a tree.

Touch Table: Meet a Tiger Salamander
1-3 p.m. Meet at the Visitor Center
Join Naturalist Erin at the Visitor Center to meet Colorado’s only salamander species and our State Amphibian. We will explore what they eat and how they live. Come by any time.

Thursday, Aug. 2

Hike: Mash-up Hike
8 a.m. Meet at the Outlook Ridge Trailhead
Join Naturalist Nancy on this 4-mile hike that is a combination of trails: 1, 13, 25 and 7. You will learn about the park’s flora, fauna, history and more.

Hike: Dynamite Cabin
1:30 p.m. Meet at Grouse Mountain Trailhead
Savor the immense variety of wildflowers, trees and wildlife as you hike the Dynamite Trail with Naturalist Erin. This unique trail is rated easy to moderate and 1.8 miles long.

Friday, Aug. 3

Hike: Ecology Hike
8:30 a.m. Meet at the Visitor Center patio
Join Naturalist Daksha for this 0.8-mile hike as you learn more about Mueller and the plants and animals that call this their home.

Children’s Program: Sunlight
2 p.m. Meet at Camper Services
Are you having fun in the sun? At Mueller, we are at 9,500 feet in elevation. Here, we get a lot of UV radiation from the sun. Do you want to test how your sunscreen stands up? Join Naturalist Erin, please bring your sunscreen.

Amphitheater: Owls
8 p.m. Meet at the Amphitheater
Did you know that owls can turn their heads 270 degrees to help them to better locate prey? Join Naturalist Erin to find out how owls are some of the best-adapted night time predators.

Saturday, Aug. 4

Hike: Elk Meadow to Murphy’s Cut
8 a.m. Meet at the Elk Meadow Trailhead
Join Naturalist Cindi on this 4 mile hike that will take you winding through meadows and open fields that showcase Raspberry Mountain, Pikes Peak and Sentinel Point. Travel to the cut made for the Midland Terminal Railroad tracks and loop back to see Peak View Pond. There is a geocache along the way, if any geocachers want to participate.

Program: Pond Safari
1-3 p.m. Meet at Dragonfly Pond
What is that swimming in the water? Join Naturalists Linda and Erin to find out what types of amazing pond life are in the water and why they are important.

Program: Surviving a Wilderness Emergency
6 p.m. Meet at the Visitor Center Auditorium
Join Naturalist Peter to learn the eight core skills that everyone venturing into the woods should be proficient in. You will learn the self- protection procedures and techniques that are required to survive a wilderness emergency.

Sunday, Aug. 5

Hike: Nobel Cabin
9 a.m. Meet at Black Bear Trailhead
Naturalist Rose will lead you on this 4-mile hike. Imagine what it was like to homestead here and learn of Mueller’s early residents.

Hike: Elk Brain Teaser
1 p.m. Meet at the Visitor Center
On this easy 0.8-mile hike, join Naturalist Pat to solve a nature riddle about elk by finding and deciphering clues left along the trail. Recommended for adults and kids 7 and up.

Tuesday, Aug. 7

Program: Fly Fishing for Beginners
10 a.m.-noon Meet at Dragonfly Pond
Join Naturalist Linda to try the art of fly fishing. Learn to cast with a fly rod and drop that fly gently on the water. Ages 8 and up are welcome. Equipment is provided.

Wednesday, Aug. 8

Touch Table: Skins and Skulls
10-11 a.m. Meet at the Visitor Center
Did you know that mountain lions can run up to 50 miles per hour? Naturalist Cassie will share interesting facts about the animals of Mueller. Come by any time.

Hike: Children’s Sensory Hike
2 p.m. Meet at the Wapiti Trailhead
Your senses are sight, sound, smell, touch and taste. Naturalist Rusty will show you how to experience nature using your senses. This 0.8-mile hike is for children 4-8 with a guardian.

Thursday, Aug. 9

Walk: Wildflower Walk
9:15 a.m. Meet at Elk Meadow Trailhead
Join Naturalists Gretchen and Paul to look for wildflowers on this easy 2 mile walk to Peak View Pond and back.

Touch Table: Geology Table
10-11 a.m. Meet at the Visitor Center
Did you know that rocks in Mueller are mostly Pikes Peak Granite? Find out more about the geology of this area with Naturalist Andrea.

Children’s Program: Butterflies
2 p.m. Meet at Camper Services
Join Naturalist Erin to learn about these beautiful and delicate insects. You will learn what types of plant nectar they feed on and why they are important pollinators.

Friday, Aug. 10

Hike: Sketching Hike
8 a.m. Meet at Black Bear Trailhead
Join naturalists Eileen and Carrie to hike Black Bear trail to Osborn Homestead past beautiful views and a historic cabin. On this 3-mile hike, we will be accompanied by a graphic artist and will stop for a 20 minute sketching break.

Program: Mueller in Art
10 a.m.-1:30 p.m. Meet at the Visitor Center
Join Naturalist Jim for this fun program for kids and adults. You can make colored pencil nature art. Make your own greeting card to send to friends and family.

Hike: Cahill Cabin
10 a.m. Meet at Grouse Mountain Trailhead
Join Naturalists Jeremy and Sylvia to hike this historic 3-mile loop to the old Cahill Cabin and Pond. This hike is rated moderate for hills.

Archery for Beginners
2-4 p.m. Meet at Dragonfly Pond
Archery is a fun and safe hobby. Join Naturalists Jeremy, Sylvia and Jim to learn how to shoot a bow and arrow. Ages 8 and up are welcome. Equipment provided.

Amphitheater: Cripple Creek: City of Gold
8 p.m. Meet at the Amphitheater
Cripple Creek was the site of one of the richest gold strikes in the world in the 1890s. Learn the history of this fascinating town and its residents, and how the rush for gold affected the park. Naturalists Jeremy and Sylvia will lead this program. Dress warmly.

Saturday, Aug. 11

Hike: Rock Pond to Rock Canyon
8 a.m. Meet at the Visitor Center patio
Join Naturalist Cindi on this 5-mile loop. This hike will pass two beautiful ponds, Rock and Geer. We will also pass through a narrow canyon with a creek and waterfall. This is a moderate to difficult hike due to hills. There will be an option with this hike to go to Brook Pond for an additional half mile roundtrip.

Program: Pond Safari
2-3 p.m. Meet at Dragonfly Pond
What is that swimming in the water? Join Naturalist Linda to explore what of living things are in the pond and why they are important.

Program: Star Party
8:30-11 p.m. Meet at the Visitor Center
Join the Colorado Springs Astronomical Society for this exciting event. We will use telescopes to view a meteor shower that is at its peak tomorrow. We will also have a view of Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Bring blankets, chairs and dress warmly.

Sunday, Aug. 12

Hike: Outlook Ridge to Lost Pond
9 a.m. Meet at Outlook Ridge Trailhead
Join Naturalist Rose for this 3 mile hike. Outlook Ridge has beautiful views of the San [truncated for length]