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The Colorado Division of Wildlife (DOW) and Denver Water are pleased to announce the return of trailered boat use at Antero Reservoir. Reopening on July 10th, boat usage will be restricted to the North boat ramp where trained personnel will inspect and decontaminate watercraft 7 days a week, from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.

"Limiting the spread of zebra mussels is a hefty goal for many agencies in Colorado, especially Denver Water, said Reid DeWalt, Area Wildlife Manager. "We appreciate their compliance and patience while we gathered the needed funding and materials to ensure that a proper level of inspection could be instituted at Antero. We ask that boaters coming to Antero help out by making sure your boat is CLEAN, DRAINED and DRY. Doing this will expedite the inspection process and will get anglers on the water sooner."

Antero was temporarily closed to boating on May 1, in response to the threat of zebra mussels, which have been found at Pueblo Reservoir. Zebra mussels pose a serious threat to reservoirs and waterways throughout the state. The primary threat in Colorado is zebra mussel movement through recreational boating, as the mussels can “hitchhike” by attaching themselves to boats and trailers. Therefore, boat inspections are needed at waters where there is a higher risk to water delivery systems and to maintain the integrity of the state’s boating and fishing communities, as well as water quality.

Zebra mussels can clog pipes, valves, gates and any water-related equipment or surface. They can ruin boats by jamming equipment and causing motor damage, and they can harm fisheries by consuming beneficial plankton and disrupting the food chain.

For more information on non-native species threatening Colorado waters, go to: or visit your local DOW office for information.