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Run-off Updates FROM the USBR
Run-off is starting to drop off in the Blue, over on the west slope. Green Mountain Reservoir, which releases to the Lower Blue River, has cut back releases signifcantly. We are releasing about 203 cfs. I do not anticipate that to change much over the weekend. Green Mountain reservoir is now at an elevation of 7933--a gain of two vertical feet over the last couple of days.

East slope run-off is still coming down. In fact, flows into Lake Estes have been up the last couple of days. As a result, we will be bumping up releases from Olympus Dam to the Big Thompson River to about 524 cfs. That change will occur late tonight (June 19). Expect to see the 524 drop just a little over the weekend, to around 515 cfs.

Lake Estes has really come up. It is at an elevation today of 7472--it is only about 3 vertical feet down from full. It will see some fluctuation over the weekend as the run-off ebbs and flows day-to-night and also with power generation.

Pinewood has also come up some more. It is fluctuating in elevation as we generate power below at Flatiron Powerplant. It is currently at an elevation of 6566--about 12 feet down from full. I anticipate we'll continue generating power through the weekend. Residents and visitors to Pinewood should expect to see this same kind of fluctuation through the weekend.

Carter has been at an elevation of 5725 all day. We do not plan to fill Carter any higher, this year. As the weather heats up, visitors to Carter should expect to see water users start taking water and the water level begin its annual decline.

Similarly, Horsetooth has also maintained its elevation all day at 5405. Like Carter, as the weather heats up, visitors and residents around Horsetooth should expect to see water users start taking water and the elevation drop.