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Lonetree Reservoir lease retained by CPW through June 2018

We are certainly disappointed, said Mark Leslie, northeast regional manager for Colorado Parks and Wildlife, We negotiated as best we could for a 20-year lease, but were outbid in the end. Sadly the agency may face additional situations like this in the future as we struggle to support our hunting and fishing access with a constrained budget.

Lonetree Reservoir and the surrounding land have been leased for wildlife recreation by Colorado Parks and Wildlife since the 1970s.

Anglers will note that the current fishing regulations will remain in place until biologists determine the level at which sportfish can be salvaged and any remaining fish can be transferred to a public water open to angling.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife recently ran a Financial Sustainability bill through the legislature to address funding shortfalls the agency is facing. The bill was defeated in the Senate Finance Committee. The agency receives very little tax funding from the state, and operates primarily on a user pay model to manage state parks, recreation and wildlife. With greater demand placed on recreation opportunities and rising operational costs the bill addressed the need to increase the price on park passes and resident hunting and fishing licenses.
Member comments
by: bardkin on 7/9/2017 11:30:00 AM
It's too bad really. I like Lonetree a whole lot more than I like the hag. but they do have all the same fish species. Maybe they can transport them there.