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Conditions/Fishing Report Lake John/Delaney Buttes 19, March, 2017
Lake John Resort
Temperatures are going to drop a little in the coming days, but North Park has now had a week straight of some very nice weather and the surfaces of local lakes are beginning to show the effects. Numerous groups turned out to ice fish Lake John and the Delaneys this weekend and I didnít hear of any serious incidents. I did hear of a couple soakers which happened right next to shore where the ice first gets shaky. Anglers are still drilling into 16Ē of good ice, however itís the first few steps next to shore and around rocky points that may get your feet wet and cold. The road along the west shore of John is now open to the south end, along with the road in the northeast corner, from the top of the hill down to the spillway.
With the beautiful weather, the fishing was excellent on Lake John this weekend-and the catching wasnít too bad either. I also heard of a decent bite going on at both North and South Delaney. Ice conditions at the Delaney Lakes are similar to those on John, so be careful. The inlet area on East Delaney near the road is beginning to open up, which is typically the first to melt.

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