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Conditions/Fishing Report Lake John/Delaney Buttes 26, February, 2017
Lake John Resort Bill
Ice on popular fishing holes is currently running 20-24 inches. Trucks were still cruising Lake Johnís surface today. We had a short bout of warm weather, however it did nothing more than get rid of a little snow and make things muddy for a time. The wind has been blowing some lately, and we have had several days of snow showers, but nothing recently like the first several weeks of January. Main roads to hard water hot spots are presently in good condition, although secondary roads around the Delaneys and Lake John are still not passable.
I was able to get out with good friends and fish North Delaney last Saturday where the lake surface was excellent and access to the ice was a piece of cake with ATVs and snow machines. We probably could have taken the trucks out but didnít. Moving a few times when things got slow, three of us landed a dozen or so fish, mostly in the slot. A couple were just over the 22-inch mark, and of course the real pig must have been camera shy, and got off right in the hole. That day, dead-sticking worked best. Also, over the past few weeks I have heard some decent reports from both South and East Delaney. (No baits allowed, consult the regulations for rules, slots and limits.)
John has been putting out some good numbers of last summerís implants, which in some cases are now a pound or more, with an occasional big boy (or girl). Depth seems to be more important than location on the lake so if things are slow, move in or out. 10 to 14 feet of water is a good place to start. Any of the old standby jigs are effective, but will work even better tipped with a piece of meat. No minnows. Unless something drastic happens, weather-wise, we should be in for another month of ice fishing in North Park. Possibly the best month!
Stay tuned,