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North Park Ice Fishing Report 2/11/17
Bill Wilcox, Lake John Resort
Conditions/Fishing Report
Lake John/Delaney Buttes/Cowdrey Lake
11, February, 2017

I know itís been a while since I updated everybody, but thatís because it seems all Iíve been doing is shoveling and plowing. From last Monday until yesterday when the road grader got here, you couldnít even get to Lake John due to high winds and drifting snow which kept the road closed. The winds have slowed and numerous groups are out fishing today. There is even a small travel trailer and a pick-up camper parked down at the picnic shelters. One of the groups shoveled out the north boat ramp area somewhat and was able to get several trucks to the lake surface. They drove down to West Point and the choke cherry bushes on close to 2 foot of ice. The last couple days have been warmer and made a slushy mess of the roads, but they are plenty passable. (Do not attempt to come into Lake John from the north on the Cowdrey road.) The road along the west shore to the south end of John is still not open, although a good portion of the parking area below the resort has been plowed. Much of the snow on Johnís surface has blown off and/or melted some, so expect a little standing water on the lake until things get colder, which is already better today than yesterday. The latest catch reports from our customers is great action on skillet fish, quite common on 17íers, and the occasional 20-22 incher.
We had the Delaney Lakes Ice Fishing Contest last weekend, however, many of the roads around the Dís did not get opened up which leaves truck-travel limited. Fish were turned in for measurement from each of the three lakes, though all major winners once again came from the North Lake. Lake surfaces were decent but not as thick as John.
A group of friends fished Cowdrey Lake last week and reported the road open but the catching fairly slow. They did land some fish but nothing big. Access was easy and ice was good.
If ice fishing in North Park is in your upcoming plans, a close watch of the weather would be a word to the wise. We have had many people stranded this winter, traveling in storms that should have been avoided. Others have gotten stuck without safety gear such as cell phones, shovels, tools, jumper cables, jerk straps, tire chains, flashlights, or extra clothes and provisions. This has been a very tough winter season. Come prepared, use common sense, and go home safely.

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