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Lake John Conditions Report
Bill, Lake John Resort
My partner Mike and I got out on Lake John Tuesday and in a matter of a few hours, landed 6-8 trout, one was 17 and one was 19, and missed several more. The others were under 12 inches. I also heard from recent anglers who relayed that they had steady action, however big fish were evasive. The slush that was a problem under the snow, has firmed up with the below-zero nights, which made walking easier once on the lake surface. Getting over the humps and bumps to the lake was a challenge for my older partner, but no harm done. Still no access to the lake surface with a vehicle other than a snowmobile. Even an ATV may be a test, especially if the slush reoccurs. Just be prepared to pull your fishing sled from the parking area near the picnic tables or the North Point if you donít have something that resembles a Ski-Doo.
Mike and I took a ride today to the Delaney Butte Lakes just to check out road and snow conditions, which were more favorable than I had last learned. Coming from Walden on JCR 18, (at this time do not try to go the back way from Lake John), JCR 5 is open around the south end of South Delaney, past the entrance to East Delaney, to the entrance of North Delaney and into the boat ramp of the North Lake, with a nice parking area plowed out near the North Boat Ramp. Only snowmobiles have been on any of the Dís. Other access to secondary roads around the Delaneys is not possible by truck at this time, however plows will be working just before the contest on the 4th of February, barring anything catastrophic.
Stay tuned,