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The Colorado Division of Wildlife (DOW) and Denver Water have decided to plow a portion of the snow on Antero Reservoir in an effort to prevent or reduce a reservoir-wide fish kill. Recent snowstorms and blowing winds have created 10-inch high crusted snow drifts on the ice, blocking the necessary sunlight for oxygen production for the fish. The crusted snow makes it unlikely that wind will blow the snow off the ice.

Winter fish kills are common in Colorado. However DOW biologists are concerned that low oxygen conditions are occurring at Antero a month earlier than usual, increasing the chances for a die-off this winter. Due to the popularity of Antero and the quality nature of the fishery, the DOW and Denver Water think it is a good idea to take this step to protect the fishery and optimize recreational opportunities for anglers.

“Low winter dissolved oxygen levels are common at Antero and other shallow, productive, high elevation reservoirs in Colorado. Almost every year we run the risk of losing some of the fish at Antero, however a complete kill is rare,” said DOW biologist Jeff Spohn.

Fishing regulations:

Bag and possession limits for trout is two of any size

Due to current conditions, the DOW highly recommends that anglers harvest fish caught (following bag and possession limit) rather than releasing them, so as not to overtax fish already stressed by the limited oxygen conditions.

Antero Reservoir rules:

Can be found at the Denver Water site at:

For more information on fishing at Antero, contact Joe Sloan at the Denver Water at 303-628-6320.