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North Park Ice Fishing Report 12/11/11

Bill Willcox Lake John Resort
As I look out across Lake John, ice fishermen this weekend are in all the popular hot spots. The west point, Max's Point and Davidson (or north) Point all have a hut or two, while the boat ramps, spillway, and choke cherry bushes resemble a slice of swiss cheese. Even though I didn't get out this week, the positive action information ran rampant from each of these areas. Though these domains remain popular through ease of access, the truth is that this impoundment is full of fish, and the catching is surely good about anywhere in 8 to 14 feet of water.

Currently on Lake John, ice fishermen are using wide array of offerings, and the fish are hitting on most of them. But no matter what the lure or jig, the addition of some type of scent attractant is enhancing results. Baits meal or wax worms, even crawlers and eggs are doing well when added to a teardrop or Rat Finkee, especially when dipped in a dollop of juice. Shrimp, crawfish, and shad oils, along with Gulp, dough baits, or Krill are just a few that are working. For new, albeit obvious reasons, the smelly stuff is helping to achieve larger creel numbers.

Consistency remains the word describing the action on both South and East Delaney this past week. Several fishermen reported a moderate bite on South, and good to fast angling on East. The North Lake has been its typical self, with most fish succombing to those fishermen experienced with North's behavior and attitude. All three of the D's are fly and lure only, meaning no bait or after-market scents are allowed. For possession limits, all three lakes are looked at as one body of water, and the trio of reservoirs also include slot limits for all trout species. All regulations are detailed in the fishing brochure, as well as posted around each lake. Offerings of choice used by local ice gurus and those who frequent the Delaneys include tube jigs such as Squirmin' Squirts, Gitzits, and Minnow Tubes, along with Custom Jigs' Rat Finkees, Ratsos, and Shrimpos. Marabou jigs in black, olive, and brown are always a good bet, as are lures like Kastmasters and Jigging Rapalas. Odds of catching fish on the Delaneys (and all other places for that matter) increase greatly when lures and jigs are kept moving.

Snowfall has been minimal thus far and roads are still in good shape. Access to all area lakes is currently easy, however, change is inevitable at some point. Ice is in good condition throughout most surfaces, with reports ranging from 7 to 11 inches. No weak or dangerous areas have been witnessed, however, caution and common sense are always words to the wise or was it words to live by?
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