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Rescue on Lake Loveland prompts ice safety warning
by BY DOUGLAS CROWL - Loveland Connection -
Sal D'Ambrosia offered a little advice Monday while fishing through 8 inches of ice covering the south side of Lake Loveland with his son, Sage, and friend Tom Slezak.

"If you get out on the ice," he said, pointing to the west, "you should stay away from that inlet area."

It's sound advice because ice conditions aren't the same all over the lake. Loveland firefighters are reminding residents of that fact after an ice rescue Sunday on Lake Loveland.

Loveland resident Kim Tyson fell through the ice Sunday on the north side of Lake Loveland near the swim beach area after she ventured out 15 or 20 feet from shore to save her dog, who also fell through the ice, said Scott Pringle, a spokesman for the Loveland Fire and Rescue Department.

He said Tyson could touch the bottom of the lake to keep her head above water before a paramedic from Loveland's Thompson Valley Emergency Medical Services threw her a rope from the shore.

Tyson and her chocolate Labrador retrieverare fine.

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