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Ice Fishing Report Lake John Christmas Day, 2016

Bill Wilcox, Lake John Resort
Ice Fishing Report
Lake John
Christmas Day, 2016

Merry Christmas everyone. It is a white X-mas as there is not much to see today when I look outside-except white!! After a couple nice days, it’s back to snowing and blowing, so I thought I’d give a quick update. We got out and fished Lake John yesterday afternoon on X-mas eve. I went with Wyatt. Many of you probably remember Wyatt who worked for me for several years then went away to college and occasionally fills in when he’s home. Well, I must have given him all my tips ‘cause he showed me up good. I only caught one and he caught a half dozen including a 4 pounder. I’ll get him next time.

Also this past week on Wednesday, local angler Kason Brown and his friends, landed some impressive numbers from John, including an 18 incher that pressed near 3 pounds for Kason. While on break, Wyatt also got over to Cowdrey and did well. He and his buddies caught good numbers of fish, including a few nicer ones, and saw some real beauties down through the hole which wouldn’t cooperate. The ice on both lakes is nearing a foot in thickness, and I would imagine the Delaney Buttes are about the same. With heavy winds and blowing snow once again, all secondary roads around lakes will be a hazard. Travel around the Buttes was already risky, as was/is the road around the east side of John. Do not try to get to Lake John from the Cowdrey road (JCR6W) — unless you are in a sleigh being pulled by reindeer!

Happy Holidays To All,

Bill and Tish
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