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Parks and Wildlife Commission meeting and workshop, Nov 10-11

David Coulson Colorado State Editor based on meeting agenda
The Parks and Wildlife Commission (CPW) will consider and approve a number of changes to the fishing and hunting regulations. The following are of particular interest to anglers.

Allow bowfishing as a manner of take for kokanee salmon during periods and in areas otherwise open to snagging, including, but not limited to, the adoption of restrictions on such bowfishing where otherwise necessary to address management concerns or to ensure the protection of public health, safety and welfare.

Modifying regulations regarding the use of spearfishing, archery, and gigs to clarify that Commission prohibitions on these activities remain valid whether or not they are mirrored by restrictions imposed by the land management agencies that own or otherwise control the specific water in question.

Redear sunfish will be added to the list of game fish, along with bag and possession limits.

Reduce the possession limit for walleye to five at Carter Reservoir.

Prohibit the use of spearfishing, archery, and gigs to take northern pike at Williams Fork Reservoir.

Increase the lake trout daily bag limit to eight in Williams Fork Reservoir to help maintain a proper predator-prey balance.

The meeting will be held at Burlington Community Center, 340 S. 14th Street
Burlington, CO 80807. The full agenda is available at
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