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Flow in Big Thompson have been increased

Kara Lamb Public Information Officer Bureau of Reclamation Eastern Colorado Area Office (970) 215-9545. edited by Dave Coulson Colorado State Editor
Moving into fall, there have been some late season water demands on downstream of the Big Thompson River. As a result, water is being moved down from Pinewood, Flatiron and Lake Estes. Each reservoir has seen a slight drop in water elevation.

There have also been increased releases from Lake Estes through Oly Dam. Monday night, the releases were bumped up 75 cfs. Last night, they were bumped up another 50 cfs. Consequently, this morning the Big Thompson through the canyon is flowing at about 200 cfs.

It is possible it could go up another 25 cfs late tonight. But, it is also likely flows will drop back down to below 100 cfs by Saturday morning when it is anticipated delivery of water down the Big T will drop off.

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