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Boating Closes at Highline Lake State Park the End of September

Colorado Parks and Wildlife press release
LOMA, Colo. At Highline Lake State Park, fall is on the way and that means boating and swimming will soon make way for cool weather activities such as hunting and waterfowl watching. The lake will close to all water activities, including swimming and boating, on Sept. 30 and the water will become a resting place for waterfowl migrating through the area or spending the winter at the park.

Waterfowl hunting season begins at Highline Lake on Sept. 26, so boaters and hunters will share the lake Sept. 26 through Sept. 30. Boaters and hunters are both asked to use caution. To keep both users safe, hunters must use one of seven designated blinds at the north end of Highline Lake and they must stay inside the buoy line at the north end of the lake. Boaters are encouraged to stay to the south of the buoy line, outside the no-wake area.

Through Sept. 30, boat inspections for aquatic nuisance species will be available every day, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., on the west side of Highline Lake. If a watercraft is launched without an inspection, a citation will be issued and the boat will be required to leave the water. If the boater has a pre-inspection seal and receipt, they both must be dropped into the box at the ramp prior to launching. If an inspector is not at the inspection station, the contact phone numbers are clearly posted at the station. An inspector will assist as soon as possible.

New waterfowl hunting regulations in 2011 allow reservations for each of the seven blinds at Highline Lake by calling 1-800-846-9453. Reservations are not accepted more than 14 days in advance of the hunt date, and not after noon the day before the hunt. Unreserved blinds will be available on a first-come, first-served basis only. Other restrictions and important information about waterfowl hunting and these new regulations is available in the 2011 Colorado Waterfowl brochure, available at the Highline Lake visitor center or online at, or by calling 970-255-6100.

The required hunting licenses and stamps are also available at the visitor center. Waterfowl hunting is allowed at Highline Lake Monday through Friday only, 30 minutes before sunrise to sunset, during the hunting seasons.

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