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Lake John Fishing Report 9/11/2011

Bill Willcox Lake John Resort
If it wasn't for the extended shoreline, which is receding daily with the rising water level, you wouldn't even know that Lake John went through such a major ordeal. Although not everyone is catching lunkers, the numbers are good for both shore fishermen and boaters alike. Trollers are back at it and finding an awesome bite using lead-core line and Needlefish. The fish aren't huge but are getting stronger and longer very quickly. Our cabin guests over this past weekend were literally releasing between 50 and 100 trout a day, with keepers better than 16 inches. Tubers and fly guys are likewise doing well moving bugs or minnow imitations deep and slow with sink line.

Not just Lake John, but the entire area got a good plug this past Saturday, as I was asked once again to join the airways of TV and radio show host Terry Wickstrom's radio program. We discussed the reclamation of Lake John, as well as fishing destinations and hotspots in all of North Park. Terry spotlights mostly local Colorado fishing, and has always had a fishing soft spot for the Walden area.

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