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Colorado Lakes/Rivers That Need Updating

To help out as a Skipper on any lake or river in the state, simply go to this general form...

What is a Skipper? Read this...
Lakes Needing Updated Reports:
These lakes need help! If you have any updated information on the lakes below, click on a lake name to share a report...
1. McDonough Reservoir
2. Christine Lake
3. Alberta Park Reservoir
4. Emerald Lake (Crested Butte)
5. Creedmore Lakes
6. Homestake Reservoir
7. Banana Lake - IPWA
8. Peterson Lake (Nederland)
9. Kinney Lake SWA
10. Thunderbird Lake
11. Murray Lake
12. Craig City Ponds
13. Beaver Lake
14. Silver Dollar Lake
15. Adams Lake - RMNP
16. Otero Pond
17. Morrow Point Reservoir
18. Loomis Lake - RMNP
19. Dome Lakes
20. Karval Reservoir
Lakes Needing Skippers:
If you fish any of these lakes, or live close and can help keep conditions updated for them on a regular basis, consider becoming a Skipper - click on the lake name to go to the form...

1. Chatfield Reservoir
2. Dillon Reservoir
3. Wolford Mountain Reservoir
4. Douglas Reservoir
5. North Sterling Reservoir
6. John Martin Reservoir
7. Prewitt Reservoir
8. Flatiron Reservoir
9. Steamboat Lake
10. Pearl Lake
11. Paonia Reservoir
12. Hohnholz Lake #2
13. Standley Lake
14. Highline Lake
15. Seymour Lake
16. North Michigan Reservoir
17. Skaguay Reservoir
18. Trappers Lake
19. Adobe Creek Reservoir (Blue Lake)
20. Jumbo Reservoir (Julesburg)
21. Jackson Gulch Reservoir
22. Stalker Lake
23. Lagerman Reservoir
24. Elkhead Reservoir
25. Lake Henry
26. Holbrook Reservoir
27. Smith Reservoir (Costilla Cty)
28. Brush Hollow Reservoir
29. Echo Canyon Reservoir
30. Narraguinnep Reservoir
31. Joe Moore Reservoir
32. Beaver Creek Reservoir
33. Lake Meredith
34. Lemon Reservoir
35. Totten Lake
36. Jumbo Annex (Red Lion SWA)
37. Williams Creek Reservoir
38. Silver Jack Reservoir
39. Nee Gronda Reservoir
40. Nee Noshe Reservoir
41. Homestake Reservoir
42. Thurston Reservoir
43. Ridgway Reservoir
44. Flagler Reservoir
45. San Luis Lake (SWA)
46. Summit Reservoir
47. Groundhog Reservoir
48. Miramonte Reservoir (Dan Noble SWA)
49. Strontia Springs Reservoir
50. Trujillo Meadows Lake
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